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Earn 250 Credits for each Unique Visitor to your Referral URL
Signup bonus,8,000 Auto Credits And 2,000 Manual
Surf 100 auto and 50 Manual to receive them. Daily Sign in bonuses
Earn 2,000 credits for each referral

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Auto Surf Ratio:1.5,Manual Surf Ratio:3,Auto Surf Timer:10 Sec,Manual Surf Timer:5 Sec.. Sites Allowed:10,Upgraded members Earn More

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    Random Surfbar bonuses (you need to click them to earn them).
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    Earn when your referrals surf.
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    Progressive surf ratios, surf today and benefit tomorrow.
    No Medical Marijuana Sites or links to them.
    We Do Not accept sites from click bank with exit pages..
    Video MUST load within 10 seconds.
    NO Masked URLs (example:,, ect...)
    No Rotators,Promo Walls ETC. At This Time.

  • Easy access to Admin support.
  • Use A Gmail account Only..

  • IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: We ARE NOT a MLM or a get-rich-quick program. We don't require you to have your own website or sell or purchase any of or services to use our service. We do not require you to refer anyone.We our a traffic exchange where you visit other members websites and they visit your site,You won't get rich by using our service.

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    E LaMont Gregory108020
    Lugano Synergy98910
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    Albert Fuerderer4619
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    2,000 Credits per referrals,
    10,000 Banner Impressions $2.00 PayPal is now available on this site.

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